Andrew Lacey
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Andrew Lacey is an artist and world-leading archaeometallurgist who single-handedly creates captivating, interpretative bronze sculptures that transcend time. Working from his studio-foundry in rural Devon, he draws inspiration from the deepest reaches of pre-history and Classical Mythology, right through to his clients' personal stories – transcribing the journey into monumental works of art which have to be seen, and touched, to be believed.


Projects & Artworks

Andrew Lacey collaborates with museums, universities, scientific institutions, private art collectors, curators and other like-minded artists, writers and poets on a variety of exciting, ambitious projects – read more here, or enjoy browsing a selection of highlights as featured below:


For more information or, to discuss working with Andrew, please get in touch here:

Andrew Lacey’s sculpture expresses time as well as form. He works with a long reach backwards into prehistory and somehow, through human effort and a certain amount of more-than-human magic, makes the ancient world contemporary...
— Alice Oswold, Poet