Artist Profile


Renaissance, Toulouse - 2018 

The Scholars Study, V&A - 2017

Stafford Gallery, London - 2017

Stafford Gallery at Wimbledon Fine Art - June 2014

White Space Art, Devon - June 2013

Tim Andrews Studio Gallery, Devon - June 2013 

Thompsons Gallery, London- February-March 2013

Bronze - Royal Academy of Arts, London - September-December 2012

Buckfast Abbey, Devon - April-Sept 2012

Stafford Gallery at Wimbledon Fine Art - June 2012

Cockington Court, Devon - October-November 2011

Tagore Festival, Dartington Hall, Devon - May 2011

Tiffney Fine Art Exhibition, Cork St, London - October 2011

McMaster Tims Contemporary Art Exhibition, Dover St, London - October 2010

Dartington Cider Press Centre 2010

McMaster Tims Contemporary Art collection 2010

Dartington Hall Gardens 2009-2010

Thompson's Marylebone 2006-2009

White Space 2007

Dartington Cider Press Centre 2004-2008

Delamore 2005-2006

Mc Hardy Coombs 2006



MSc Archaeometallurgy, UCL 97-99

Chemical Science for Museum Conservation, Hammersmith and City 96-97

HND Graphic Design, Dunstable College 88-90

Diploma, Graphic Design, Ware College of Art 86-88




Cambridge University

Plymouth College of Art and Design



Museum Projects

University of Cambridge - Rothschild Bronzes - May-July 2015
Explorative experimental reconstruction to gather evidence on the facture of two bronze groups that have recently been attributed to Michelangelo. A collaboration with University of Cambridge/Fitzwilliam Museum/Rijksmuseum

Columbia University, New York - 'Making and Knowing Project' - 2014-c.2017

Royal Academy of Arts, London - 'Bronze' -  September-December 2012

V&A Conference, V&A Museum, London - October 2011

Sackler Centre for Arts Education - V&A Demonstration – March 27th 2011

V&A Museum - Commissioned for several projects to produce replicas and handling objects for the new Medieval and Renaissance Galleries 2008-2009

Henry Moore Institute - ‘Bronze, the power of life and death‘, Conference Nov 2005

V&A Museum - ‘The Making of Mars’, didactic and video, and ‘Renaissance Horse’ currently on display at the Gilbert Bayes Gallery.

Fitzwilliam Museum - Didactics of two bronze figures describing the indirect and direct methods of casting.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam - Didactic of ‘The Juggler’ after Adrian d’Vries.

American Centre for Oriental Research, Amman - Bronze Archimedes Screw after King Sennacherib’s (681-704) cunneform description. Cast in the Jordanian desert. 


TV Documentaries

New Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors – Channel 4. The first public presentation of some of the work led by Dr Xiuzhen Janice Li, Dr Andrew Bevan, Professor Marcos Martinón-Torres and their team, including Andrew as lead archeometallurgist, which involves a number of innovative scientific methods and unexpected results.

Machines Time Forgot – ‘The Fireship’.Contributing archaeometallurgist and engineer. Filmed in England and Turkey and Malta, for Channel 4. Broadcast July 2003.

Secrets of the Ancients - ‘The Hanging Gardens of Babylon’. Contributing archaeometallurgist and engineer. Filmed in the Jordanian desert March-April 99, for the BBC, and televised in the United Kingdom and America.

The Life of Adrian d’Vries - ‘The Hero’s Work’. Contributing archaeometallurgist and sculptor. Filmed at AMTeC, 1998 for the Rijks Museum and Netherlands TV, and televised in the Netherlands, Sweden, America and the United Kingdom.

Meet The Ancestors - ‘Death of a Maiden’ Contributing archaeometallurgist. Filmed at AMTeC. November 99. Channel 4.

Various contributions on Time Team for Channel 4 from 1999 to the present including:

Yaverland Manor Farm - Contributing archaeometallurgist.

Alveston Cave - Contributing archaeometallurist. Filmed in South Gloucestershire.

The Timber Circle Project - Contributing archaeometallurgist. Filmed in Sussex woods.



Les Monnayages Cuivreux de l’Antique: Etude des Techniques de Fabrication. C.Sarthra, D.Griffths, M.F.Guerra, A.G.Lacey, P.Northover. Featured in Colloque D’Archaeometrie 99 Avec une seance thermatique: Archaeologie alpine et Archaeometrie. Lyon, France.

Neo-Assyian Textual Evidence for Bronzeworking Technologies: Kings Ashurbanipal to Sennacherib. S.Dalley, J.Oleson, A.G.Lacey. Oxford (forthcoming).

Greek Fire, RevisitedThe reconstruction of the Greek fire war ships of the Byzantine Period. J. Haldon, A. Lacey, C. Hewes

It’s very rare to find someone like Andrew who is an artist, a historian and an artisan for other artists and who moves, apparently seamlessly, between these areas, whilst also running a busy workshop and studio. His expertise in bronze has led to consultations for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and he has even appeared on the popular UK television series Time Team…
— Andy Christian, 'Resurgence' magazine; May 2010