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Andrew Lacey


Andrew Lacey photograph courtesy Darren Newbery & Art Eye Agency

Andrew Lacey is an artist, archaeometallurgist and independent scholar who single-handedly creates captivating, timeless bronze sculptures and analytical artworks from his private studio-foundry in rural Devon. His visionary approach and technical veracity ensure his status as one of the most exciting sculptors working in the UK today.

Andrew’s unique approach to making involves a rigorous and constantly evolving investigation of the intrinsic nature of bronze, which has been influenced by ongoing academic, scientific, historic and archaeological study. His fascination with materials, combined with the capacity to cast everything by hand – and therefore to intercept the creative process at any stage – affords him an artistic manner which is spontaneous, experimental and highly focused. 

Many years spent intensively researching, analysing and recreating the techniques of the Old Masters has given Andrew a deep, richly-layered expertise which flows throughout his practice. Bold, hand-hewn sculptures in plaster and expertly cast bronzes are synonymous with his output, and each compelling form not only celebrates the natural world which surrounds us but also reveals an ethereal world, created by poetic imagination – dynamically connecting the viewer to both.

Classical mythology, ancient philosophy, verse and folklore also inform the work, and Andrew's sculptures act as tributes to these resonant moments: Equine profiles, mythical creatures, human torsos and out-stretched wings are important, recurring motifs in the studio. However, within each familiar form large areas are often left ‘incomplete’; a daring and distinctly contemporary tactic which allows space for the eye – and, of course, the imagination – to develop the rest. 

With a host of publications, unique exhibitions, TV documentaries, lecturing events and creative collaborations, Andrew Lacey is firmly at the centre of a vibrant resurgence of interest in bronze – demonstrating it’s raw liquid power to spellbound audiences worldwide, and proving it to be an artistic medium like no other.

Crystal Ashen, glass, life-size, special edition


"My artistic career to date has followed two strong but parallel paths: that of an artist specialising in the creation of my own bronze sculpture; the other as an independent scholar studying the analysis, facture and reconstruction of ancient and historical bronzes...

As an artist, I've chiefly focused on the figurative traditions; producing both human and equestrian forms, often fragmentary in nature, spontaneous, experimental and highly focused. The figures are not meant as a literal representation of the form, but instead as a way of searching for the underlying poetics or energy of a subject".

Andrew Lacey

Andrew Lacey  photograph courtesy Darren Newbery & Art Eye Agency

Andrew Lacey photograph courtesy Darren Newbery & Art Eye Agency

'Golden' life-size bronze by Andrew Lacey, in the studio, current edition

'Golden' life-size bronze by Andrew Lacey, in the studio, current edition

Guardian, a bronze life-size unicorn by Andrew Lacey, filmed at his ancient threshing-barn studio conversion in rural Devon – Video by Sian Lewis


"Lacey is a modern-day Leonardo: a universal artist, who is talented and experienced enough to single-handedly realise complex bronze sculpture projects, from conception to completion...

With an obsession for equine form, Lacey is able to capture the unique energy, intelligence and graceful beauty of horses in his sketches; translating the brilliantly and daringly worked surfaces of his plaster models into the permanent material of bronze. Lacey's sculptures really have to be seen to be believed, having a dramatic presence which can only be truly appreciated through close inspection and physical touch".

Dr Victoria Avery FSA
Keeper, Applied Arts
The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge


Photograph courtesy Darren Newbery & Art Eye Agency


"Andrew Lacey has an exceptional ability to imbue his subjects with vitality and vigour. His fingers mark surfaces as if they were hot-wired to his eyes...

He makes visible that which we have not seen and is able to imply a complete figure from a fragment. He bridges the gap between the ancient sculptures which bewitch him by finding untrodden paths for his own new work. Restless and inquisitive, generous and luminous; he is informed by the alchemy of remote ages and readily accepts the challenges of ‘greening’ the processes of responsible casting of bronze in a carbon conscious world. Exceptionally he is both the artist and the master of hot bronze; a rare fusion of vision and technical veracity".

Andy Christian

In The Studio  Photograph courtesy Darren Newbery & Art Eye Agency

In The Studio Photograph courtesy Darren Newbery & Art Eye Agency


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