Andrew Lacey
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andrew lacey sculpture foundry:

A Personal Invitation

You are personally invited to visit Andrew Lacey's foundry, in order to witness the process of making; to understand, see, feel and experience bronze as a medium like no other.

Do you have a story to tell?

Andrew Lacey is an artist and archeometallurgist who creates captivating, interpretive bronzes that are influenced by Classical Mythology, the natural world, and his clients' personal stories. His sculptures are inspiring, life-affirming pieces of art which always become a legacy to anyone who commissions them.  

All artworks are created single-handedly in a traditional foundry which is located within a converted threshing barn, in the shadow of Berry Pomeroy Castle. As you open the door to the studio, you'll experience the sounds, smells and textures of this ancient place and imagine the creative possibilities. 

The experience is fully tailored to you, and it will include a relaxed tour; guiding you through the process of commissioning and casting bronze sculpture, engaging with your ideas, finding start points for further research or preparatory sketches, and ultimately transcribing the journey into a timeless work of art.

By clicking here you can start your journey by registering your details, telling us more about your ideas, or booking an appointment to visit the studio at time which suits you.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to play a part in creating an interpretive piece of art that becomes a legacy.
— private client

andrew lacey sculpture foundry:

Special Events

Andrew entertains private clients on special occasions throughout the year. If you'd like to come to the foundry for a memorable evening, experiencing Andrew's unique way of working, why not attend one of our private events?