An Anatomy of Bronze - Part 1

“Capturing the character and vitality of a racehorse in the material of bronze requires intensity and focus; only then can the true likeness be achieved" - Andrew Lacey

Currently in progress

Andrew Lacey has recently embarked upon a project to explore the 'anatomy of bronze' from a unique perspective. In Part 1, a life-size bronze sculpture will be made from detailed observation of the character, shape and minuscule detail of the equine form. Andrew's ability to analyse the material nature of bronze to the tiniest particle of existence will be integral to the project. 

Embarking upon a process of intricate precision and understanding is a significant component to Andrew’s practice, which also relies so much on intuition and experience. 

These images show the work in progress and a scaled-down version of the finished sculpture in wax, ready to be cast in bronze.

Andrew Lacey